XPS v1.0a

Required Soft

Software Name


Where to download

JDK 1.3.1_01 Java developpement Kit from sun http://java.sun.com
Ant 1.4 Deploiement tools full Java http://jakarta.apache.org/
Iexplorer Internet exporer http://www.microsoft.com/
Netscape 4.5 Netscape http://home.netscape.com

Getting started

launch application

Just take a command window then :

  1. change path to the xmlProxySpyDir where the project is located on your disk.
  2. then type ant (verify that your ant/bin directory is in your path environement variable).
  3. After a while the application will be launched.

How to use xps

set up

set your xps browser (netscape or ie netscape recommended) http proxy on the address on port 3000 (file -> preferences) then restart your browser.

After that your browser should be plugged with xps you should see the messages synchronized between xps and netscape.

Note : if you are behind a firewal and you use a proxy it will not work. We are working on this problem.

recording requests

Click on the button to begin recording a navigation and reclick at the end. it will produce a JInternalFrame containing the description of the Scenario. All the navigation process should be stopped to begin a record. After stopping the navigation You will get a window :

Now You can describe your scenario. several panels are defined :

You have to store the scenario when you change something. if not present it will appears in the repository.

Playing request

Open a scenario in the repository and click on the play button.

For developpers

Developper should have a look on the javadoc files